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Your Guide to Authentic UK Lifestyle

How to be British

All cultures have supporters and admirers from all over the world, and the British culture has earned its place as one of the most relevant lifestyles in the West. People from English speaking countries as well as other nations try to emulate and imitate our culture, speech and style. They dream to travel all the way to the British Isles, see the landmarks and landscapes, try our food and drinks, and engage in our traditional customs and celebrations.

If you are here because you are one of these fellow humans and you want to absorb and replicate the lifestyle of British people, then you have found a good place to start. Of course, we cannot include in a single article all elements you have to take on account when enacting the authentic British lifestyle, but this is a good guide for beginners. You will learn what are the basics of UK customs and priorities, and get a brief list of what many British people consider to be the most important aspects of our culture. So sit back, pour some tea, enjoy some scones and put your manners to use: here is your guide to an authentic UK lifestyle.

The British essence

First of all, the British culture is one of the classiest of the world. We pay attention to how we must do and say things almost as much as what we must do or say, or even more. Learning and respecting social etiquette every hour of the day is fundamental for our lifestyle. Our etiquette rules are complex and comprehensive, but if you master them, you can be sure you will be respected as a true admirer of the British culture. Our etiquette rules play an important role in all aspects of our life, from social visits to the UK business culture, and are among the things the British people are most proud of. We have a long standing tradition of manners and protocols, and when you get immersed in our social rituals, you can have a better grasp on what it means to be a true Brit.

You need to find your way to love and respect our traditions and our values, and let them flow throughout your everyday life. The United Kingdom has four countries with a wide variety of cultural heritage, customs and people, so your UK lifestyle will, to some extent, depend on which part of the UK you want to settle in, or at least which aspect of our culture you want to focus on. Learn about some of the typical UK traditions, from our feature dishes and bakery to our utter fascination for our beloved Queen. 

Play out the Britishness on your outside, too

Once you have embraced the essence of a country or kingdom, it flows through you and manifests in all things you do in life, from the way you speak to the decisions you take in life. But lifestyle is also reflected in the most superficial and apparently banal aspects of your everyday life, from what you wear to how you cross the road. Sometimes, starting out with the outside can be a great strategy and from there you can work all your way in. Look and act like a true Brit and it will eventually get to you, and influence your point of view of the world and your daily routines.

Being British is all about doing the right thing, looking good but reserved and being adequate for the situation and the company you have at the time. You need to find appropriate clothes as well as accessories for the right occassion, and complement them with good personal hygene and an acceptable styling. You can always look at the ladies and gentlemen we are most famous for, to get a glimpse of the aesthetic ideal that currently runs in the British culture. It's not as much about shalowness as it is about propriety, social behaviour and respect. 

You can also try to engage in some of our trademark customs, from eating our local food to listening to our music or even learning about our history. All of those elements will provide information on what it is like to be British and how to play it in your everyday life. 

The United Kingdom has a more than acceptable lifestyle for most of its inhabitants, and if you approach us with respect and sane curiosity, you can rest asure that here you will find friendly people more than willing to share our culture and lifestyle with you. So come to the United Kingdom and try our daily reality.

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