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Ready for a New Bucket list? Top World Adventures to Experience

Adventure: a word that elicits differing reactions in people. To some, adventure means extreme sporting, summiting mountains or exploring snow white beaches. To others, it is enduring sub-zero climates, an easy ride on the road through the countryside, traversing through the world’s hottest desserts, or wondering among the world’s most vicious predators. Yet to others, it is interacting with unfamiliar cultures and basically anything that pushes self-limits or incites awe and wonder. It is utterly impossible to compress what the whole world as to offer to a simple list. However, we’ll look at some of the bucket-list worthy places in the world.

Adventures in Africa

Africa has some of the loveliest natural habitats; from mountains, wilderness full of wild flora and fauna, desserts, beaches, uncorrupted African cultures, you name it. You can set out to conquer the 19,340 ft Mt Kilimanjaro or the 17,060 ft Mt Kenya for that rewarding satisfaction of watching the sunset in spectacular panoramic views.

Altitude not your thing? Well, get moving to track rhinos across Namibia as you play your part in conservation efforts of Damaraland. Once done with your rhinos, take a game drive across the land for a primal experience of the African wildlife; elephants, lions, cheetahs – the wilderness is epic!

The primates of Rwanda and Uganda will have you wondering through steep terrain and deep undergrowth, and bug bites. The playful golden monkeys of Rwanda will leave you feeling childlike. Wind down your evening with a kayak experience on Lake Kivu alongside the local fishermen. Wake up to explore Pharaoh Tombs in Sudan and enjoy the rush of the Victoria Falls. Kick things up a little with wild walks in Zimbabwe at the Hwange National Park.

The Asian Adventures

Asia is one of the most diverse and pristine natural environments; lush jungles, uninhabited immaculate beaches, stunning temples and a whole list of activities that will assault your senses. 

The Stone Forest in China is made of limestone formation is a discovery you must make. Coupled with canals, Tiger Leaping Gorge, the Jade Dragon Mountain, the Tibetan Buddhist monasteries, the temples, ancient cultures and fairytale cities of Shangri La and Lajiang, you are set to have a good adventure.

For aquatic adventures, the Palawan Shipwreck diving in Philippines will give you an opportunity to explore the buried world underwater. Take a chance in Bali as you surf the best waves in South East Asia, whether you are a beginner or a hardcore wave rider. This is one of the most epic travels around the earth.

Did you know that you can sand board? Well, Vietnam offers you the opportunity to board some of the most epic dunes. It’s a lot like snowboarding, only that you will be racing down adrenaline inducing steep sand dunes as you catch glimpses of the nearby coastline.

If you fancy off road biking, you can explore local villages, countryside scenery and stunning waterfalls in Laos. Adventure biking in Chiang Mai, Thailand will take you through lush forests, varying terrains and waterfall sceneries. This is perfect for those who want a break from the city’s hustle and bustle. Do you fancy kite surfing on all-year round warm waters? Well, the Boracay Island will have you enjoy some good wind and a few crashes.

Your European Adventures

From running with the bulls to parties and homestays, log rafting, creepy castles, skiing on the Bavarian Alps, diving in inviting turquoise lakes or sledging; you are sure to find your fit here. Foodies will have an awesome time trying out authentic street foods in Turkey then cool it down with a trip around Berlin museums or the morbid Nazi past, whatever fits your fancy. 

For a more involving adventure, Iceland offers you the opportunity to experience glaciers, harsh mountains capes, bubbling earth and open roads. There are plenty of fishing, backpacking, kayaking, spelunking and a whole lot of opportunities for adrenaline junkies. The trick to these travels is choosing the right accommodation around the areas you wish to explore.

The American Adventure

Biking through Shark Valley trails is a great opportunity to relax and keep fit as you enjoy the company of sunbathing alligators. If screaming is your thing, you are sure to enjoy the Gator zip line in Orlando as you propel at speeds of close to 30 miles an hour over alligators and crocodiles. This is for the really brave at heart.

You can opt for a change in scenery as you partake in the Edgewalk on CN Tower or brave the raging waters of Upper Gauley River on a white water rafting mission. Ever dreamt of being a movie star? Well, the Vegas machine guns experience will have you shooting like a SAS or Seal Team member. How about the Richard Petty driving experience that will have you feeling like an experienced NASCAR driver? You get to race off a couple of laps at speeds reaching 165MPH!

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