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There are many sorts of travelers. Some are fonder of outdoors adventure, and they love hanging from cliffs, climbing hills and rafting down white waters. Others are more like the cultural kind, and above all they adore museums and art galleries. These are the people who want to see every monument in all main cities they visit and have a checklist of famous works of art that they want to behold with their own eyes. Others love exotic cultures and they travel far just so they can see people who are different to them, doing different things, living in different houses and playing different music. And the list goes on and on.

We would like to focus on one very special sort of traveler, who pursue something that some other people might overlook. They could go close or far away, to this continent or another, and what they are looking for isn't monuments, landscapes or trips. They are looking for food.

There is a huge variety of cuisines in the world and some people just want to taste it all. Every civilization has excelled at some form of cooking, and as natural resources are very different from one point of the planet to another, typical meals and cooking methods widely vary from one country to another. These restless culinary tourists jump from one nation no the other, pursuing to taste and feel every country through their food: they know that the spirit of the people is reflected in what and how they cook, and the special flavour of their meals as way as their table manners and eating styles are impregnated with their own nature, making their tasting a whole cultural experience.

La France et la Cuisine

There is no wonder that the word "chef" comes from the French language. This country is one of the most renowned in Europe when it comes to food. The French people have developed a very unique taste for their meals, which are usually very simple, yet have a lot of personality. They have mastered the art of taking their ingredients and turning them into very particular dishes with a sense of housemade sophistication that is quite difficult to define. Describing the particular charm of French food is like trying to describe a colour; our possibilities are limited, and only those who have had the complete and genuine experience can understand.

There are lots of French restaurants in many countries of the world, because people have heard about their culinary skills and they all want to try some French meals in a French-styled environment. And, of course, you can't get more French than in France itself. Going to a French restaurant in the country is a great way to have a true culinary experience, and the offer there is just huge. From bistro chains to small uptown restaurants, you have tons of possibilities to choose from, especially if you are going to a major touristic destination. 

However, is this the best way to approach French cuisine? Or, let's put it in another way, is this the closer that you can get to the French meals and customs, to France's real and actual people? Or could there be an even more authentic way to get in contact with their culture? After all, a restaurant is a business that has been built in order to please clients, and in that way, it is a bit artificial. Is there something more authentic than that?

Repas Chez les Habitants

Well, of course! Off the beaten track, inside the locals' homes, is where actual France takes place. Outside of the touristic circuits, this is where real magic happens every day. But, you may say, there is no way to get inside a local's house and share their table! I don't know any French person who would invite me over for dinner! Well, that is not 100% true.

Eating with locals - or, as the French say, repas chez l habitant - has been made available to tourists and visitors thanks to, a quite original website that puts non-professional hosts in touch with visitors. In other words, there are French people right now who are willing to invite you to their table and cook for you, and even let you share the table with them; some will even offer you accommodation at their very houses for a very reasonable fee, much cheaper than a hotel and, of course, much more authentic. 

If this sounds great for you, we encourage you to try this option at least once, to get the real French feeling. Click on the following link to get more information on eating with locals in France.

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