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5 things to do while in Bologna

Enjoy the center of Italy

Italy is one of the main touristic destinations of Europe, and for good reason indeed. It homes some of the oldest manifestations of culture in the continent and it has gathered centuries upon centuries of traditions, architecture and lifestyles that have contributed to create a country full of personality and character that you will never forget. People travel from all around the world to visit Italy, once and again, and they fall in love with its welcoming people, its unforgettable cuisines and its breathtaking sights. If you have never been to Italy, this is a good time to start considering it. You will never regret sparing some time to go to Italy and enjoy all this country has to offer.

If you want to choose the area of the country you want to visit, let us spotlight for you one of the most interesting cities you can find here, even if it might not be as classical of a destination as, say, Rome, Venice or Milano. The city of Bologna hides many secrets that you can enjoy, but it takes some information and tips to really discover and appreciate all the charm of this city. Let us show you some of the things you can findso you discover the secrets of Bologna.

Our 5 Picks 

One of the most charming things about Bologna is that the best things you can do or see are not on the surface, but rather quite hidden, behind regular doors and discrete hallways, around the corner of a street you might not even visit if it wasn't for the pro tip a local gave you. So you can skip the deep research and stop right here, because we have gathered the top five secret places you can visit and activities you can do when in Bologna.

1. San Domenico Basilica

This is a large church on top on a hill that might not seem as great from the outside, but it actually hides many a treasure with which you can feast your eyes. The remains of San Domenico (Saint Dominic) lie here, as well as many art pieces and beautiful religious statues and paintings that you can enjoy. Make sure to check out San Domenico Basilica when you visit Bologna.

2. Via de San Luca

There is a five kilometer trail that connects the Piazza Maggiore with the sanctuary of San Luca, which is located on top of a hill and offers a great panoramic view of the area. The trail passes by many interesting monuments and pieces of architecture, and when you walk up to San Luca you will discover the largest arcade in the world, with no more and no less than 666 arches, because someone wanted to laugh at the Church, apparently.

3. The railroad to Rimini

Rimini is a very nice town that is connected to Bologna by the railroad, so if you are staying at Bologna you can reach Rimini in a very short time and enjoy its nice architecture and buildings, and its pretty coastline with a nice view of the waters. Go to Rimini by train and enjoy the full experience of the Italian railroad, or rent a car and make your way to the sea.

4. Sala Borsa

If you think libraries are boring, you just have no idea what the main library of Bologna, called Sala Borsa, has to offer. Not only can you find here many books and enjoy whole afternoons reading and learning, but also the main hall of the library has a large glass floor through which you can see ancient remains of the old Roman city on which the modern city was built. Even more, you can ask for permission to go down there and walk among these ancient walls.

5. Cesarini

These are expert cooks that will welcome you to their home and share meals, teach you cooking lessons and show you the true home cuisine for which Italy is known. If you want to have meal with le cesarine then you can book a meal or a class in Bologna or any other major city of Italy, and get reado for an experience you will not forget!

Falling in love with Bologna

As you can see, there are so many interesting things to do here, so you can walk around, get to know the place and do food experiences in Bologna. We suggest you take a couple days off and visit this amazing city. It is located right in the middle of Italy, so you can use it as headquarters for visiting other provinces and places. So book your stay and get ready for an experience you will never forget.

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