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Are you bored of spending your Saturday afternoons in front of the television, or inside of the shopping centre? Do you thrive for excitement and adventure, when the most adventurous thing you seem to do lately is watch Bear Grylls? Well if that’s the case then take a step on the wild side with Outdoor Pursuits. We are your comprehensive adventure holiday and extreme activities providers, offering you every bit of thrill, chase and daringness that is available under the sun (or moon for that matter).


What we do:

Outdoor pursuits offer an extensive range of activities for you to enjoy. Whether it’s an hour’s pulse racing excitement, a weekend of fully packed thrills or a whole week away to test you to the max, we have the right ideas for you! 


We provide activities for all ages and size groups, so if you fancy a solo trip, a family bonding session or a crazy time with your friends we are sure to have just what you’re looking for!


Here at Outdoor Pursuits we are constantly looking for new and exciting activities that can really get your adrenaline going. Not only that but we believe in going back to the basics and really making the most of what we were born with. If cave men could survive on no electricity and no IPhones, than we certainly can! We like to challenge our customers and ourselves by stripping them on their 21st Century belongings and sending them out into the wilderness to really see what they are made of! Here is a list of out back to basics activities for the cave man in you to test out:

•   Outdoor survival- test whether you can survive a whole day and night in the wilderness with absolutely no supplies, by learning the following skills: Food foraging, Fire making, Shelter making, Raft making, track following, water storage and Signal Making. 

•   Hunter-gatherer - can you find your own food, and survive like the cave men? - Food foraging, bow and arrow making, animal trap making, water supply storage, fire making and track following.


We know that although you all want to be adventurous, being in the great outdoors with no supplies can be a little daunting, so if that isn’t your cup of tea, we have a load of fantastic activities for you to try that will really get your adrenaline going, your fitness tested to the max and your desire to do more heightened! Here are some of our slightly more modern activities that we provide, including equipment when necessary!

•   Tree top trails

•   Hiking and trekking

•   Zip Wires

•   Assault Courses

•   Bungee jumping

•   Sky diving

•   White water rafting


All of our activities come with fully comprehensive training where necessary. All equipment is provided for you and you are given a friendly, experienced and knowledgeable guide to take you through every step of the way! We want you to have fun, test your boundaries and most importantly learn something new while bonding with your friends and family! 



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